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Copygram is the only FREE forex trade copier app that is designed to copy and execute orders instantly from any trading account to others. Send and Receive trades between accounts, Create rooms and let other users join your room.


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Why This forex Trade Copier Rocks?


Copygram is a revolutionary mobile trading app that makes trading easier and more efficient than ever. With Copygram, users can add unlimited trading platform accounts, create unlimited rooms and send & receive unlimited orders in a simple way.

Create and Manage, Join and Copy

Create rooms and Manage your users

Create a room, link a trading platform account and start sending orders to all your members by using Copygram Expert Advisor for senders. (Your members do not need VPS or EA to receive your orders).

Join a room and Link your trading account to it

Join a room

No VPS Needed for Receivers (soon)

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Set your own Money & Risk Management

Receivers or members of a room can set their own risk and money management. You will be able to control your lot size (choose a fixed lot or a risk percentage per trade) and much more. All these settings can be set from your phone!

Money and risk Management

Explore Our Features

Track your Progress

You can keep track of how many orders are executed day by day or by room. The most powerful trade copier app on iOS and Android and use it for FREE.

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Add Trading Accounts

Copygram enables you to easily add unlimited metatrader accounts with a single click, ensuring that you have the finest copy trading experience possible.

Add Trading Account

Create or Join Rooms

Copygram users can join any room. So, you can link a receiver account to any room to start receiving trades from it.

Manage your members

You can manage all members who have joined your room. Thus, you can accept their requests, decline or delete them from the group.

Features for single users
Features for single users


Features for single users


Features for single users



How Copygram works?

Copygram has raised the bar of automated copy trading to new heights, earning the #1 position as an automated trade copier by introducing easy to use application. Moreover, Copygram’s user-friendly interface and straightforward design make it easy for even novice traders to understand and use. This has been a significant factor in the platform’s popularity, and its reputation has quickly spread throughout the trading community.

Here is 2 scenarios for a Copygram user :

1. Send trading orders :

Create a room on Copygram and link your Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 account to it (Choose your Platform and enter your login). So, other users can join your room. You can control your members by accepting their request to join and Block their access to the room.

All users from the room will receive trading signals executed on their Metatrader accounts automatically.

2. Receive trading orders:

Join any Rooms which you are invited From Copygram App, Any user can request to join any Room. Room admin then will accept or will decline your request. Also, You will need to connect your trading account to the room that you are joining to be able to receive the signals from it.
As a receiver, you will be able to follow the money and risk management of a room or set yours.
Trade copier MT4 to MT5, MT5 copier, MT4 trade copier, Compatible with all brokers, and works on demo accounts and live accounts.
Start today and Trade copy orders with the best trade copier on the market.

Which trading platforms Copygram supports?

We are supporting MT4 and MT5 platforms for now, other trading platforms are coming soon. This fx copier works with any broker.
Many features and options are available to control your Money and Risk Management.
Copygram copies all type of trades. It can be used by signal providers to send orders to their clients by creating a room on it.

Which type of orders can be copied by Copygram?

Copygram can copy All types of orders :

Market orders : BUY, SELL


Close orders : CLOSE

Can it be used as a forex copier software?

Yes, Copygram is the best forex trade copier in the forex industry. You will need to install the copier on iOS or Android. You can add multiple accounts of Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 (Well known trading software).  It allows you to copy trades from MT4 accounts or MT5 accounts to MT4 or MT5. In other words, It can be used as a local trade copier or remote trade copier in one App. You can be a Master and create slave accounts if you want to copy between your own accounts, or you can create Master accounts and allow other users copying your trades by joining your room or you can be a slave account and join any room to receive forex signal trades. As a forex trader, you will be able to copy trades remotely between multiple accounts indefinitely. This trading tool will change your way to copy trades. You can use free demo accounts or live accounts from any broker.

Copy forex trades is fully automated using Copygram. This trade copier for MT5 and trade copier for metatrader 4 will make your accounts safe using pre-defined strategies on the App.

Do I need an EA to connect my Metatrader account to Copygram?

Yes. To be able to send and receive orders, you will need to link your Metatrader account to Copygram. Here is the steps to follow -> Link your Metatrader to Copygram

Download Copygram & start copy trading