#1 Trade Copier - Copy trades between MT4, MT5 and other platforms.

Copygram is a FREE trade copier that is designed to copy and execute orders instantly and automatically. Set Copygram to copy trades from anyone, be it a friend, trader, or even a family member. 

Daily Trade Execution
Copygram trade copier Mobile app
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Why This Trade Copier Rocks?

Multiple Masters &

Copygram users can create as many rooms as possible to send trading orders and can also copy trades from others. Trade confidently.

Immediate Execution

With Copygram, all trades are executed within a fraction of a second due to its advanced AI-powered technology make it the best trade copier app and the fast copier ever.

Custom strategies for receivers

Our Copygram settings allow you to set your risk and money management strategy. You will be able to control your lot size (choose a fixed lot or a percentage of the risk per trade) and much more. Trade with confidence.

How Copygram Works?

Copygram has raised the bar of automated copy trading to new heights, earning the #1 position as an automated trade copier by introducing easy to use application.

Copygram allows you connect your trading platforms and copy any trade between them. Copygram is the Free and Fastest copier in the market.

There are 2 possibilities for a Copygram user

You are a Sender:

Create a Room

After connecting your trading accounts to Copygram, you will be able to Create a room(s) for free, and link your trading account to it. In this Room you will be able to send signals to your users.

Invite other Copygram users to your Room

Invite as many users as possible. All you need is their Copygram username to be able to invite them. You can invite yourself if you want to copy trades between your own accounts.

Manage all your users

When invited users join your Room, you will be able to manage them by pause, delete them from the room.

Start sending trades

Last by not least, load your sender EA if the platform is Metatrader to automate the copy trading process. So all users from the room will have the signal executed on their Metatrader accounts.

You are a Receiver:

Join Rooms which you are invited

From Copygram App, Any user can receive an invitation to join a Room. All you have to do, is giving your Copygram username to an admin of the room to invite you.

Connect your trading account to the joined Room

You will need to connect your trading account to the room that you are joining to receive signals from it.

Start Receiving trades

After joining the Room, Load the EA Receiver on your Metatrader account, and start receiving orders.

Control your own Money and Risk Management

With Copygram, the best trade copier ever, you can follow the money and risk management of a Room or set yours.

Trade copier MT4 to MT5, MT5 copier, MT4 trade copier, Compatible with all brokers, and works on demo and live accounts.

Here is a Video explaining how copygram trade copier works.

Supported Platforms

Here are the EA sender and Receiver to connect them to the Copygram App, We are supporting MT4 and MT5 for now, other trading platforms are coming soon. Enjoy MT5 trade copier and MT4 copier.

EAs are updated regularly. Many features and options are available to control your Money and Risk Management. VPS can e used for better performance.

Copygram copies all type of trades (open at a price, close, modify…). It can be used by signal providers to send orders to their clients by creating a room on it.

Trade today for FREE.

Download Copygram from Play Store and install it, then load the EAs on your MT4 or MT5 accounts. That’s it.


and other trading platforms coming soon.

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