Best Telegram Trade Copier in 2024

Are you tired of manually executing trades based on Telegram signals? Our Telegram trade copier service is here to revolutionize your trading experience. With our user-friendly and robust platform, you can easily connect your Telegram account to your MT4 trading terminal. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to consistent profits!
Telegram to MT4 trade copier
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Why Choose Our Telegram to MT4 trade copier?

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Our Features

These are the settings to manage from our Expert advisor Copygram.

Instant Execution

Money Management

Risk Management

Copy any symbol

Any format or Language

Percentage of lot size per TP

Custom settings per channel

Set custom SL & TP

Signal modification execution

Automatic Move SL

No Matter suffix or prefix

Custom comment (for funded account)

Easily copy trades from any telegram channel to your Metatrader accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy trades from multiple Telegram channels to my trading accounts?

Yes, with Copygram, you can copy trades from one or multiple Telegram channels to your trading accounts simultaneously. This feature provides flexibility and allows you to diversify your trading sources.

Can I install the Telegram connector on a VPS or other machines?

Absolutely! The Copygram Telegram connector can be installed on various machines, including virtual private servers (VPS) or other laptops. This allows you to have your trading accounts in different locations while effectively copying trades.

How does the Telegram integration work with Copygram?

Copygram’s Telegram integration allows you to copy trades from Telegram channels to your trading accounts. Our unique Telegram connector uses ChatGPT to analyze signals from channels, ensuring accurate trade replication.

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